We are together
And we are one
I look at the same path
I walk the same land
But you still say we can’t join hands
My rights are equal
But after one tragic event
You define me as evil
You could’ve said as i said
We are not apart of your people
You see, the world today it seems like
Humanity just need an excuse
Something happens and you have to blame someone or something
And state it as the truth
Will be an allosteric typical ideas
And thoughts of Islam
You know all the hate we receive
We still remain calm
We sing along to the star spangled banner
It too is also my favorite song
The pledge of allegiance to the United States of America
The thirteen original colonies and the fifty stars in the flag
So they asked me where I’m from
I was born in the land of the free
My mother was born on the other side of the sea
Raised in Somalia and they say America is from sea to sea
At least that is what is says and manifestesni
I’m a Muslim you are a christian
He/she may be Jewish or any other religion
But i still treat them the same as a human being
So listen here is a message inscripted
I’m gonna tell you that we should become humanity
Instead of diversing ourselves over a religion
Because we live together
And we die together
So if you don’t already know
This life isn’t forever
So join my hands
And lets walk this world peacefully

Note: The lyrics is not from Kayla or her associates and any help in correcting it will be appreciated.

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