In my Somali traditional, any young women who wishes to get married someday in a “dignified” was has to face the knife; removal of part of the female genitalia. If you opt not to be cut, you risk ridicule and victimization from the society. You will be treated with hate and contempt. Hurtful taunts and scornful looks at the tap stands will be your daily pains. I was six years old when the striking knife came down on me. I still keep the vivid image of the whole ordeal in my head. I had gone to school that day , my father and aunt come to our school for me. They drew me out of class and we headed home. A hapless girl, I was walked home.  Deep within I felt a cloud of fear envelop my whole body. This whole thing felt wrong but I could not free myself from the firm grip with which they held my feeble hands. My day had come. But I was not alone. My elder sisters was to be cut too.

“As young I was I had heard tales share by other young girls who had gone through the pain .they called it horrible. It was unbearable and inhumane. I did not want to imagine the pain I was about to undergo. My main tired to block tear didn’t flow, My body grew  pale with terror. My mother was away; it seemed rather convenient that she would not be around when all these were about to happen to me .she had left the house as soon as we had left for school, I still feel it was purposeful so that she would not live the guilt of having to look into my eyes later and find questions she didn’t have answers for.   I was here , time was here, the knife was there and other  circumcised girls were lined up so that we could inspect the parade and see for ourselves the beauty” that comes with the cut. it is  normal to look at fellow circumcised girls culture permits the inspiration. Are they going to cut me? Are they going to do this to me? Visibly shaken, I asked myself. When I got into my puberty, the   changes in me as women stated to manifest. I had painful menses. I had to seek corrective medical attention and the stitches were remove , I believe had I not been circumcised, I would not have had these taunting thoughts. And I a man someday asked for my hand in marriage, I would known it isn’t  because I am cute  but because he would have seen me as a good partner. Contrary to the victim most people would expect me to look at myself as, I am neither bitter nor angry  about what happened to me . I don’t want to live my life giving satisfaction to the perpetrators of these vices against women and young girls. Circumcision does not  add any value or dignity to any women. Young girls are getting maimed. There is no bliss in ignorance and lack of education. Just what would culture gain by causing harm to those it should unite? What would tradition lose if I was not cut? Nothing


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