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BROWNKEY was founded in 2016 in effort to stop the practice of FGM in Dadaab camps. Now we work closely with other aid organization dedicated to serving the refugee community and offer our expertise in refugee related issues. BROWNKEY is committed to safeguarding the refugee interests in the camp and abraod.

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BROWNKEY started as a camp wide campaign against FGM. It was founded by Nadiifo Abdi with just a Facebook Page and a blog in March, 2016 and later expanded to encompass other aspects of refugee life. The main issue areas that the Brownkey addresses are Children's health, Culture, Education, energy, Environment and sustainable development. BROWNKEY is the first nonprofit organization that was founded inside the camps by refugee individuals who thought they could change their society.


Innovation: Creative thinking, planning & execution for our community.
Integrity: Loyalty & Harmony in what we say, do & think.
Respect: Treat all people with compassion, tolerance and dignity
Passion: Our enthusiasm and desire for work is the core of our success.
Teamwork: We like to work and enjoy our success together.
Thrive: Commitment to growth and welfare for our community.


Educate refugees on the opportunities that are available to them.
Collect and distribute information that would otherwise be inaccessible to refugees.
Asses aid agencies on their humanitarian work.
Eradicate barbaric cultural practices.
Eradicate corruption in the refugee.


The creation of a unique & innovative environment that will enable refugee to reach their full potential.
Educating the community on their rights and responsibilities and how they can make the best out of any difficult situation.
Providing the information that will bring people with diverse interests and backgrounds together in a common forum.
Making sure the refugees are treated like any other people while their rights and self-esteem are upheld.


Through commitment to the people, we lead the way for sustainable development.